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~The DollHouse~


*you can't straighten my curls*
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I am a child of God!!!
A woman,wife,mom,sister,aunt,friend...me.A complete fashion don't which probably makes me a DO.
Just a person trying to do the right things,trying to be happy in my simple life.Trying every day to not finally go insane.It's a harder thing to do than you may think.Getting pushed down.....I will get up again.

1920's, 80's girl bands, 80's movies, alf, american beauty, ani difranco, animals, art, b&w photography, barrettes, beads, big hair, birds, black and white movies, blondie, bluegrass, books, bright colors, bubble gum, bubbles, butterflies, care bears, chuck taylors, clouds, clovers, coffee, converse all stars, cotton candy, crafts, crayons, curly hair, curves for women, cyndi lauper, dahlias, dirt, dodge, dressing up, drew barrymore, edgar allen poe, emily dickenson, eyeliner, feather boas, feminism, flames, flowers, fluff, freaks, gardening, gardens, geek glasses, geeks, glitter, gregory maguire, hair clips, halloween, heart, heavy metal, hello kitty, horror films, hot rods, hp lovecraft, ink, jackolanterns, jelly bracelets, joan jett, johnny cash, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, journals, keychains, kiddy pools, laura ingals wilder, lunachicks, mark strand, mashed potatoes, maya angelou, men with make-up, metal, mexican food, mindless self indulgence, mint chip ice cream, mommy dearest, moulin rouge, movies, my kids, nerds, nightmare before christmas, ninja turtles, old books, old peoples clothes, pajamas, paper, peewee herman, pencils, pens, piercings, pillows, pink things, pj harvey, plaid pants, plants, platform shoes, poetry, pretty girls, pumpkins, rainbow brite, rainbows, rasputina, reading, rock, rockabilly, rosemary's baby, rubber bracelets, scarves, schnauzers, silly socks, singing, sleep, sleeping, slip skirts, snap bracelets, social distortion, sparkly things, stars, stickers, strawberry shortcake, sunflowers, taking pictures, tattoos, that 70's show, the cure, the macabre, the nightmare before christmas, the smell of paper, thunder storms, tiaras, tim burton, tori amos, trees, vintage clothes, violent femmes, weirdos, welcome to the dollhouse, witches, writing, wynonna ryder